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Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Monday Night Thoughts

while I sit here and try to figure how long I'm going to continue watching this nonsense:

*How on earth is Nyjer Morgan still in the lineup? Does he have pictures of the somebody? Everybody else has served suspensions from that mess and Florida and he's in his fourth game since the hearing. Seriously, Bob Watson, time to get off the pot.

*Has Danny Espinosa had a hit since I wrote that I was in love?

*Is anyone else convinced Yunesky Maya maybe ain't all that? OK, I'm not convinced yet but I'm far from convinced he IS any good. I'm going to hold off learning how to say Jee-SUS in Cuban. He has a nice curveball but I'm not real impressed with his command or overall arsenal.

*Wilson Ramos is growing on me some, though I'll hold off saying that for fear of turning him into Danny Espinosa. I plan to write more on catchers later in the week but I'm guessing we'll see Rodriguez transition to Ramos next year while Flores spends the year in AAA (assuming he can still play and I'm not real sure of that). My hope in 2012, when Jee-SUS returns to start the opener, is that Ramos and Flores are the two catchers. I hope someone gives Pudge a chance to get that 3,000th hit but I think his time in D.C. is done after next year.

*My official bookie has raised the odds on Adam Dunn being back next season from even to 100-1 against. I think he's right. They'll move Morse to 1B and sign a right fielder.

*Will anyone else exhale when (if?) this team wins its 63rd game? I'm still not convinced it is going to happen.

*That's five called Ks in six total for Derek Lowe tonight. Does anyone still give a damn? Swing the bat. See? As soon as I type that, Zimmerman swings the bat and gets a hit.


Anonymous said...

Maya has good stuff ... he just needs to acclimate both to culture and the big leagues. He'll look better if they send him down to the florida instructional league followed by a long spring training with Pudge. I'm not worried about him.

Now some of your other points? Yeah, Dunn is now starting to look a bit like Adam Kennedy did last night. Ian Desmond looks like he will lose his shortstop job to Danny Espinosa with Desmond moving to second or center field? Lombardozzi, Hague, or Kobernus on their way to play second?

MikeHarris said...

Adam Kennedy deserves as many at-bats the rest of the year as you and I do.

bdrube said...

It really is incredible that since the day they announced the signing of Harper and three other stud draft picks nothing has gone right for this team save Espinosa's splashy debut.

The most discouraging thing is that based upon the evidence on the field the team appears to be no better than they were at this time last year. Lots of alleged potential has yielded little in the way of results so far.

On the other hand, I never had such an easy time getting into and out of the stadium as I did on Sunday. That's what happenes when you are only able to put about 10,000 fannies in the seats.

Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

Ye of little patience. Baseball is all about patience both at the plate and in the stands. How abut Livo!! It will be good to have him next year. Dunn will be missed if he goes. Please note the Desmond to Espinoss to Dunn double play. If Lannan can do his thing tonight, we might take two out of three. This team could still win 70-71. They definitely will win 63.