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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Hope Dunn Drills One Tonight

since it looks like it will be the last time I see him live in a Nats uniform.

Making my final visit of the season tonight to scoop up a long-sleeve T-shirt I'm too fat to wear. Seeing this report from MASN's Ben Goessling doesn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

I get the defense thing, I really do. Dunn's foibles over there drive me nuts quite a bit, too.

But the man has power and will hit lots of home runs and drive in lots of runs. If the Nats think replacing him is going to cure a lot of ills, they're mistaken.

Ian Desmond is flashy and fun but a defensive liability to what seems like a higher degree than Dunn. Anyone in the OF other than Bernadina have a real arm that can scare opposing runners?

Shore up some other areas, find a couple of real pitchers to go along with the couple you have now (the list is nowhere near as long as the Nats would like us to believe) and Dunn's defense becomes less glaring and more of a problem that can be lived with as opposed to one that is a killer.

Adam Dunn isn't perfect. He's also not this team's problem. What was Boswell's line a few weeks ago? The list of guys who hit 40 and drive in 100 AND want to be a National is very, very short. You have one in the clubhouse already. Sign him.

I'm down with the Jayson Werth thing, too. Very down. Give them both 60 mil for four years, sign a couple of pitchers and maybe actually become good? Is that too much to ask? When Jee-SUS returns in 2012 and Harper arrives on the scene, get even better? Do I need to slap myself awake here and quit dreaming?

If they let Dunn walk, this may be my last visit for a long, long, long time. I've supported a very bad team long enough. Lots and lots of money. Been to see them play in 10 different cities besides Washington. Set my body clock around their games.

Bad I can tolerate (not that it is all that enjoyable). Stupid I can't.


BinM said...

Mike: The relationship with Dunn & the Nationals is one where one side can't seem to get past a percieved flaw.
Riggleman loves Dunn in the clubhouse & lineup, but would like a better glove there.
Rizzo loves Dunn for his character & offense, but doesn't want a four relationship.
Mark Lerner loves Dunn, but doesn't control the checkbook.
Ted Lerner loves his son, but won't spend more than $10M/year on a players' contract.

Even Dunn at some point has to get tired of hearing "We love you, but..."

bdrube said...

Resigning Dunn is probably the wrong thing to do from a purely baseball standpoint, but the right thing to do from a fanbase standpoint.

Apparently, ownership isn't concerned enough yet to worry about the erosion of the latter. I wonder how low the attendance has to go before they will be.

Aussie Gus said...

What are the chances of the bloggers getting together and planning a boycott day? I am not suggesting that every day the fans stay away, but pick a day and ask everyone not to go to the park. Surely if every blogger asked their readers, not only would it reduce the crowd, but might actually get some national press. VIVA LA REVOLUTION.

Deez Nats said...

What Riggleman wants should be irrelevant. He's more than lucky to have a job as a manager.

BinM said...

bdrube: When the Lerners are hit with the reality that they are losing money by opening up the stadium for a game; I'd imagine a few evenings of 2,500 warm bodies on a weeknight to see the Marlins, Astros, or Pirates might catch their attention.

I'd hope they wake up sooner than that, but I have some doubts.

Anonymous said...

what the Nationals need is for the "smartest man in baseball" to become thier manager; TLR, and he'll be available in a few days

Anonymous said...

and, obviously, I'm not the best speller of those that have made comments....

Aussie Gus said...

I hope you said til the 9th!

The Nationals Enquirer said...

You totally called that -- Nice one, sir!

WFY said...

That worked out okay

MikeHarris said...

Oh snap. It was sweet. Yeah, that was me yelling four more years