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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walkin' Off With A Smile - OK, A Grin

Oh snap. Hell yeah. Bang zoom and all that. Just got home from one of my more enjoyable nights at the ol' yard and what a way to go out this season - and maybe ever.

I've now seen five walk-offs there by five different players - Ryan Zimmerman, Wil Nieves (Who?), Ronnie Belliard, Josh Willingham and **** yes, indeed - ADAM DUNN! Couldn't have asked for a better script.

Walk offs NEVER get old. Daggone that's fun. Having Dunn do it while the Nats braintrust apparently decides he isn't worth signing makes it all the more sweet. Or bittersweet.

My only regret is he didn't come out for a curtain call.

My final two visits of the season - Friday's 8-3 victory over the Braves and last night's 2-1 victory over the Phillies. That's at least one and probably two playoff teams.

In those two games, I saw Adam Dunn hit three home runs and drive in seven of the 10 runs. They won both games for one reason - Adam Dunn is in the lineup.

But go ahead, don't sign him because he's not the Big Cat over at first. That's real smart.

I said this earlier and I'll say it again. They don't sign Adam Dunn, I won't be back. I'll have more on that later and I'm sure my meager opinion won't mean squat to the Nats.

But I get the sense being at the park tonight, listening to the radio on the way home, just a vibe -- way way way more fans agree with me than don't.

If you agree, let the Nats know. I will. I'll stay the hell away. And I mean that.

Don't mean to be a buzzkill. This was a great day/night/early morning. I want more of them. I want Adam Dunn on this team for at least four more years.

Who's with me?


Aussie Gus said...

If they doesn't sign him, I'll organise the fan strike from over here!
Mark Z has proven fan power works, let's use it to send a message (if one needs to be sent).

YSTBF said...

I am starting to think Freeman could use a couple more years getting ready. Maybe the Braves will capitalize on the Nats' blunder (should they not sign him) and he can play 1st base in Atlanta for a couple years... I gotta tell you - Frank Wren would be intrigued by 40 homers and 100 rbi... every freaking year!

MikeHarris said...

But but but **** he makes errors! He doesn't catch every ball.

DCDingo said...

I too was there for Friday and last night's game. I would probably go to the occassional game next year, but I won't renew my package unless they re-sign Dunn. That said, it takes both sides to reach a contract, so I hope Adam is reasonable and allows some dollars for his stated desire to stay in DC.

MikeHarris said...

Good point, Dingo. Everything I heard is he's not looking to break the bank. I think he can be had for a "bargain" price considering what other 40/100 guys might command.

Mike Bowers said...

I am with ya. I don't think I will get rid of my tickets if they don't sign him, but I will downgrade to the cheapest ones, Of course that just means I will spend my time at the Red Loft spending the price difference in my tickets on drinks... which I will need to deal with the extra losses if we don't sign him. I was not that excited about the decision to sign him, but he has converted me.