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Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm in Love

At the risk of inflicting the kid with the Curse of Harris - I'll go ahead and say it anyway.







Mark it down right now: Danny Espinosa, the 2011 NL Rookie of the Year. Let's just hope someone keeps track and he doesn't get that 131st at-bat this year.

Of course, at his current pace he'll have about 110 RBI this month so maybe he could win it in 2010.

So 2B for next year is solved. Figure out 1B and figure out RF (Jayson Morse?) and I'll feel good again. Until I think about what the Curse of Harris did to Jee-SUS.


joneric said...

Mike - you need a third option - develop someone in the minors. That gets my vote

bdrube said...

I just got home from the stadium. What a great game. Even during J-Zimm's early struggles little was heard from the Mets fans, which is always a plus. Funny that I was griping to the wife in the 1st inning that Desmond and Morse were not starting in favor of Kennedy and Harris.

This was not a great year by any means, but SS's first game, Dunn's three homer game and now Danny E's monster Nats Stadium debut all would be on my personal top 5 list of Nats games that I've attended. :)

Craig Kesten said...

I cant comment direct to you, so I will have to do it this way. You do realize that the word is spelled LOSER not LOOSER right? Hell, a former newspaper writer should be able to get that correct, I would think.

MikeHarris said...

Really?! It isn't spelled with two o's? You jest! Seriously? Damn. I had no idea.

Or maybe I did. Long story, which I don't feel like retelling now. If you're bored, go through the archives. But, yeah, I knew. The second "o" is intentional.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Classic Comment Fail.
Unless he was being meta-snarky, in which case, just a regular telling-a-joke fail.


MikeHarris said...

I get that every few months - I suppose I can't expect everyone to understand the joke.

Besides, I'm just a looser!