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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's go Phi *** Phi *** Phi ***

I have a hard time typing or saying the word, especially given the tale Nats320 told in his most recent blog entry (see the links to the right). That good people should have to experience something like that is just awful and it pains me to realize what I need to do today.

Sorry, I need to pull for the Phi *** Phi *** Phil *** oh, heck, today's opposition. If Nats Farm Authority is right (and he hasn't ever not been right, so far as I know), a loss today clinches the No. 1 pick in next year's draft.

Let's face it, not much good has come out of the season. The team has lost 100. That isn't going to change. Aaron Crow isn't going to suddenly up and sign. There are some pieces in place for the future but more question marks than we can count, too.

If the Nats can at least get a chance to get a kid like Stephen Strasburg into the organization, I'm all for that. Winning the Strasburg Cup is an insult, not an honor. You were worse than everyone else in the game. But there is a tangible reward, at least. It is something to give us some hope (maybe).

So let's go Phi *** Phi *** home team!

UPDATE - that's about the first thing that's gone right for me in a long, long, long time. I still caught myself cursing under my breath at every Phi *** Phi *** hit by those other guys and really cursing at those eighth-inning home runs. But I'm not complaining about this result. The difference between 101 and 102 losses isn't much when defining a bad season. It's dreadful either way. If that 102nd gets Strasburg into Washington, I'll take it.


Brian said...

Nats Farm Authority is right (and he hasn't ever not been right, so far as I know)

Mrs. NFA might beg to differ ;)

MikeHarris said...

Yeah, well. I meant on the baseball stuff! I will not attempt to argue with Mrs. NFA about the rest.

George Templeton said...

Well we've won the Strasburg Cup. Now we get to be played like a fiddle by Scott Boras next year (or worse the Lerners just walk away and we don't even get Stephen Strasburg).
Heaven help this franchise because it certainly needs it!

Mama B said...

Hey Mike - are you okay or just really busy with your real life?

MikeHarris said...

I'm good, mama, thanks for asking. Everything I do in the fall with my new job is new so the learning curve is high (probably higher than it should be). VCU was the host team for a golf tournament this week, we have many home events this weekend *** I'm learning how to "score" a volleyball match.
I'm still bummed out about my dog and all but doing my level best to move forward.
Thanks much. I do hope to post something new this weekend.