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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Dear Uncle Stan,

Clearly, my luck has changed. My karma is good again. That's 3-0 with yours truly in the house. Last season, we hadn't seen a single victory on this date and we were well into the summer before we saw the Nats win a third time.

I'm easy to get along with and don't require much. A limo is not necessary. A nice Town Car will do. As long as the cooler is stocked.



Do I need to wear a tie in a fancy ride they're surely going to send for me? Or can I stick with shorts and a jersey?

My Son The Braves Fan and I worked out a compromise. Jason Heyward is my designated Brave but things are much more specific with him. Heyward has to hit one off the Coke sign on the scoreboard to make me do the Tomahawk Chop. Dude is certainly capable. My son's night wasn't a total loss because he got to see this not-yet-21-year-old crush one. I must admit, I do like that kid. I immediately offered Taveras and Bruney in a straight-up trade. Replacement right fielder and bullpen help, right? The deal was rejected. I will continue to work on that.

His favorite Nat came oh-so-close to making him sing. He turned pale when the ball left his bat. Everyone in section 309 called it fair but our opinion was ignored.

Only downside of the night was the news about John Lannan. I've become such a doomsayer about injuries. I have Friday in the "when do we hear about a visit to Dr. Andrews?" pool. Hope that isn't the case but I've been too many "it's nothing, really" tales of woe to think otherwise.

Love a free t-shirt. Love it more when the Nats win. Would have loved it even more had we been serenaded.

Will definitely love my new ride to the ballpark. Thanks Uncle Stan!


Hendo said...

Friday sounds right. That gives the Nats a couple days to call up a starter and ballyhoo him so as to move some of the focus off Lannan's woes and onto something more hopeful.

MikeHarris said...

They can rename their rehab center The Elbow Room. Needs to be a big joint. No pun intended.
Someone (not me) needs to do some research - are this many elbow problems normal?

George Templeton said...

So were you doing any chanting when Clippard finished his performance off?

MikeHarris said...

Yes. But I kept it clean. I'll have a lot more about Clippard later tonight or tomorrow.