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Sunday, May 23, 2010

What is up with Nyjer?

Our friends over at Past A Diving Vidro (love that name) had an interesting post the other day about Nyjer Morgan and Nook Logan.

They're right in that the first reaction is to go, "What? You're nuts!"

Until you take another look. Throw in yesterday's misadventure, which made the front page of FanHouse, and it becomes even less outrageous.

As I prepare to head north for my second visit of the homestand (hoping to keep my perfect record intact), I'll just say that I'll still take Nyjer over Nook - at his best, the argument seems to be clearly in Morgan's favor though I can't say that with any statistical certainty.

The question: Is what we saw out of Nyjer last year his best and will he ever reach that again? I don't recall sitting here saying, "Boy, he needs to get his head out of his ass" once last year. I seem to say it pretty much daily now.

OK, the car service (Thanks Uncle Stan!) will be here soon. See you at the park.


bdrube said...

I was at the game yesterday (perfect record of 5-0 also intact). All I can say is if Nyjer's spectacular run in 2009 does turn out to be a fluke, there seems to be a young man in RF quietly making his case to take over in CF.

Bernadina's triple yesterday rivalled Josh's HR as the most exciting play of the game on the Nats' side of the ledger. He is really starting to look like a major leaguer.

MikeHarris said...

Agreed and I admit I was not certain that could happen. Yet they pinch-hit for him today despite that fact that he'd driven in the only three runs to the point.

It left me confused but I'm often confused.