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Monday, May 31, 2010

Weak Sauce

I'm as happy as anybody to have Roy Oswalt out of the game, but that was some weak sauce. C'mon. A good umpire lets players vent quickly and it doesn't look like Oswalt made any move toward the man in blue. Well, not at first anyway. Just saw the replay but it looks to me like it would have been over right away if the umpire hadn't said anything.

Can't recall the guys name - isn't that the slow-calling umpire who continually hacks people off with his delayed strike calls?

I go from watching Roy Oswalt to Gustavo Chacin, the guy I was pulling for to make the team - was that last year or this year? Lord, an old mind is a terrible thing.


Dave Nichols said...

from my perspective, the ump warned Oswalt (he said "not again" and "don't point at me") and Oswalt pointed at him with his pitching hand, and then his glove.

you just can't do that.

but yes, this is the slow ump.

MikeHarris said...

Well, we agree on that at least!

I saw Chacin pitch a great game against the Nats for the Jays in 2005. Always liked him.

Didn't know he had such pop. I wonder if he can play right field?