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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If This Rumor Is True


Poached from the fine folks at Federal Baseball:

MLBTR suggests that a possible trade for Roy Oswalt would revolve around Brad Meyers, Chris Marrero and Tyler Clippard, though the Astros are not currently in talks with anyone.

Really? Yes, NOW. Love you still, Clip, but you ain't Strasburg, Storen or Zimmerman. Storen can do what you've been doing and no one currently on staff is Roy Oswalt.

Of course, as I noted earlier, all trade rumors are a lot of hoo-hah. So take this one for what it may worth.

I'm just saying. IF it is true, DO IT NOW.


Eric said...

I think the "who for Oswalt" talk is fun, but we can't accurately judge what the effect off his salary will be. Do the #astros eat $8-10M to get decent prospects (basically buying Marrero or whomever) or do they take the salary relief from Oswalt's departure to free up FA revenue for the next 2 winters.

My guess is w/o cash Houston gets Stammen & Meyers. If they give a major chunk of cash you can replace Stammen w/ Detwiler and add in Marrero and 1 more low-A guy like Hood or Ramirez, which is a pretty stong package to help prop up an otherwise empty Houston farm system.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I read somewhere on teh internets that Oswalt has said he doesn't want to come to the Nats? He's a 10/5 guy so even if he waives his no-trade clause he can still veto any trade he doesn't like.

Hendo said...

And where do the Nats go to buy prospects, pray tell? Even Clippard and Meyers alone would be more than enough.

What the Nats should do is tell Drayton that they'll take over Oswalt's salary. He can take it or leave it.

George Templeton said...

Anonymous raises the question. Is Oswalt a 10-5 guy? And since Oswalt and McLane are so close he would only come here if he wanted to. And then what about getting a contract extension done.

Nate said...

Good grief, I thought this kind of rosterbation was confined to the message boards.

First, I'm fairly sure that Meyers/Marrero/Clippard for Oswalt isn't even a rumor. It was invented out of whole cloth at MLBTR.

Second, Oswalt isn't approving a trade to the Nats. He wants to win a World Series, the Nats' realistic upside is competing for the Wild Card.

Third, Strasburg, Wang and Detwiler are riding to the rescue of the pitching staff. Who's coming to bolster the (3 runs/game) offense?

MikeHarris said...

Hey Nate, what's a blog besides a personal message board?
Can Oswalt hit?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous raises the question. Is Oswalt a 10-5 guy? "

Well, he's now in his 10th season in the majors, all with HOU. So he has the five years with the same team. I guess the question is does he need 10 full years of service time, or just to appear in 10 separate seasons? I don't know.

Ryan said...

Sorry. I just can't get cised for Oswalt. When's the last time dude won a game?

MikeHarris said...

I think he shut someone out last night?

Yep, 5-0 over Brewers. Eight innings. Nine strikeouts. ERA is now 2.35.

His win total is a reflection of his horseshit team.

Todd Boss said...

My buddies and I were debating this "completely ficticious trade" as well yesterday and disagreed on whether we should do it.

I said Meyers, Marrero and Clippard was a bit too much straight up, but that those three players plus $8-$10M in cash would be good.

My buddies pointed out that Clippard is a replacable asset (a bullpen arm that isn't your closer), Marrero is a weak hitting first baseman and Meyers is a good prospect but still a guy who is no guarantee to be better than what Oswalt gives us for the next 3 years.

In the end though, i'm afraid the Nats will be out of the race by july and will be sellers, so the question is moot.

Ryan said...

Hell, I didn't even realize he was pitching yet this year. Thought he was hurt or something. Shows how much his name comes up in the media.

Still not too cised for him.

MikeHarris said...

I don't know what cised means but I'll assume you aren't excited by the (not gonna happen) prospect of Oswalt becoming a Nat?