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Friday, May 28, 2010

I Are A Idiot

In case you had any doubt, here's some proof. I suppose I ought to just keep quiet about this but what kind of be-open, be-honest outfit would I be running if I didn't rip myself when it was merited?

Trust me, it is merited here. I may never recover from my shame. Sadly, what follows is a true story. I'll be burning my MENSA card in a public ceremony later.

Yesterday was an odd and busy day. I had the ballgame on in the afternoon (less said about that the better). Finished up some more work and then left the house about eight to go run some errands. Target and the grocery store are open late.

While driving around, I'm thinking about the Nats (I do that a lot) and this delayed (maybe) Strasburg debut. One more start in the minors after Saturday.

Then it hits me. THEY'RE COMING HERE! THEY'RE COMING HERE! That last start will be in Richmond. I can see that AND his debut in Washington!!!

I'm so excited I about wreck. I immediately call a friend and fellow fan, who shall remain nameless. One idiot is enough for one blog post. He checked my math that Jee-SUS' next start would be indeed be Thursday June 3.

Better yet, HE WAS AT HIS COMPUTER! He went online, found four great seats for only 10 bucks a pop. Deal! We're on it. Yippeee! Yes! Hooray for us!

It took, oh, about two-tenths of a second after hanging up for it to sink in.

Strasburg is no longer with Harrisburg. Richmond is no longer a AAA town. Harrisburg is coming here, not Syracuse. I don't know who the hell we're going to see from our great seats but it isn't going to be Strasburg.

You can't spell dumbass without M-i-k-e.

Oh well, we'll enjoy some AA baseball at a bargain price. Anybody interested in joining us, let me know. I guarantee you you'll be the smartest guy in the group.


Hendo said...

Don't be too sure about that -- you had me going there for a minute. ("Hmm, when's my first client on Friday...")

MissChatter said...

LOL Enjoy the game!

MikeHarris said...

Those dates (June 1-3) have been burned in my head since I first learned he'd start out in Harrisburg.

WTH, been meaning to get out and see the Squirrels anyway.

Anonymous said...

I can top that; a couple of yrs ago, a buddy called while I was driving home from somewhere and asked if I wanted to go to the Redskins-Eagles game for the following Sunday. Club seats too...."sure" I replied, followed by, "what time does the game start?" He says 1 PM. I go home, look into flights from Charlotte to DC (Reagan) or BWI. Best deal is to BWI and gets us there 9:45 am, returning flight departs at 7:15 pm. Call buddy, he confirms that the 3rd and 4th members of the party will pick us up at BWI, take us to another buddy's house for an indoor pre-game (mid-December game...). Great, let's book the flight, so we do. Next day, I'm looking at Yahoo sports and they're showing the game as a 4pm kickoff...hmmm,something must be wrong with Yahoo, go to another site, 4 pm kickoff, another, 4 pm kickoff....dagnabit, call my buddy...."where did you see this game was a 1 pm kickoff?" "on the pre-printed schedule...." he says. GRRRRR......go to USAir site to check into later flight....that was the last one that night to CLT....can't spend the night because I have a 8am meeting on Monday that I couldn't get out, we flew up and watched the 1st half in the club seats at Fedex, then hightailed it to BWI to come home

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, you'll at least get to see Brad Meyers as well. I was bummed that Strasburg missed pitching at Bowie by 1 day when he was with Harrisburg.

The shell game has been unkind to many, as this owner of 6/4 (overpriced) and 6/8 tickets can attest to.