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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday

A terrific gift, thank you Nats. I trust Scoop Zuckerman's sources so I'm taking this to the bank.

Welcome, Drew Storen.

I can't imagine the corresponding move being anything other than a Ziggy for Bruney.

(Debbi Taylor just interviewed the Rizz-o-nator, who said it was all conjecture until the club makes it official. Which, to my mind, he just did. If it isn't true, he says "No." Anyway, welcome Drew. I'd fly to St. Louis to see your debut if I could)

1 comment:

bdrube said...

Yay! They did the right thing--and less than one day after I called them out in your comments.

I really thought veteran journeyman reliever Joel Peralata was going to get the call first. Happy to be wrong!