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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Combining My Previous Two Posts

What would happen if Frank Robinson managed Nyjer Morgan?

The fireworks could be fun. Frank might have snapped skinny young Nyjer in half after tonight.

No problem with him running there. Don't you have to slide?

Did postgame really not ask Rigs about that? Surely they did and I just missed it. Right?

Pudge didn't make himself look like a Hall of Famer on that last play either. Keep the glove low. Right? But I'm not about to bust on Pudge. Despite his penchant for making two outs in a single at bat, he's been a better addition than I thought he'd be.

Him, I'll forgive. Besides, I just got his bobblehead in the mail today courtest of eBay.

The other guy? Not so much.

Bring Frank back, please, for just one day. Problem will be solved.

1 comment:

Ryan said...

I got a Pudge bobblehead off eBay, as well, for the wifey's birthday. She loves that guy for whatever reason.

How much did you pay for yours?