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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jee-SUS is Hurt

and I don't feel so good myself.

Strained flexor tendon. Tells me little of anything I know anything about, but Ray Knight has said several times it isn't terrible news. IF, he noted, it didn't pull off the bone.

Which we won't know until that MRI.

Somebody tweeted that one of the Marlins has been out with this injury since May?

Odds of us seeing Jee-SUS again this season? My guess is no chance. J-Zimm takes his turn in the rotation and we'll see Jee-SUS in Viera in February.

Every time this kid throws a pitch, I'm going to cross my fingers and clench. I'm way too old for this.

Roger Bernadina sure had a hell of a night. Very impressive home run, looked like the ball was in on his hands and he powered it out of there anyway. Super catch in the ninth. I thought Dibble was going to have the big one afterward trying to encourage the double play.

Bernadina becomes a footnote tonight, however. Always good to beat the Phils and My Son the Braves Fan and all his cohorts are thrilled. But I'd trade it for a 100 percent Jee-SUS.

Did I say I'm way too old for this? If he's seriously injured (like it IS off the bone), I'm done with this game.

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