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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Silver Lining

The song from Spamalot is cascading through my head - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life! So I will.

Tonight's bright side is Top Chef is on in an hour and I can turn this damn game off. I suppose I could just go ahead and do it now. Top Chef is down to, what, eight? They could probably still beat this team. Kenny is the pitcher since he's a "beast" on the mound just like in the kitchen.

Speaking of which, I wonder if tonight is the night they're at Nats Park?

What the hell has happened to this team? I'm going up tomorrow, my first live game since the disaster against the Mets on July 4. Meeting the kids - both live in that area now - and some friends. Looking forward to that. The game? Not so much. Though I think Livan is pitching? Another bright side.

And another: I'll be there early enough to get one of those Strasburg debut DVDs they're giving away. Good. It will remind me of one fabulous, fun night when I actually had some hope.

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