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Sunday, August 8, 2010

IMPORTANT! Non-Baseball Help Needed

Nook or Kindle?

Yeah, this is a crucial decision we must make soon. My wife has requested an electronic reader for her upcoming birthday. Being the wonderful, accomodating husband I am, I will oblige. I got her a Lastings Milledge autographed baseball last year. I guess she got tired of reading that.

You'd think this would be a simple thing but it isn't. We spent about an hour at a local Barnes and Noble yesterday playing with the Nook. Still no decision. She actually said, I swear, "Throw it out there on your blog. Intelligent people read your blog." So after you stop laughing uncontrollably, chime in. I threw it out to my Facebook community and it was split down the middle.

To me, they're the exact same thing. Do you like saying "Nook" or "Kindle" better?

There are some differences. The Nook is slightly heavier but not enough to make a difference. The Kindle holds 2,000 more books but shouldn't the 1,500 the Nook holds be enough? The Nook allows sharing with other Nook owners. The Nook can be serviced in person at your local B&N. The Nook is $10 more expensive, hardly a big deal. The Nook, so B&N says, has a much bigger selection of available material.

So it should be a no-brainer as all those tilt toward Nook. But B&N may be sold soon - what happens then?

We agree that the extra $50 for 3G seems like a waste. But, but salesperson said - suppose you're out on the beach and you want to download a book? How about we just download one before we hit the beach, using our home wifi? I can't remember the last time I was somewhere I couldn't poach a wifi.

So what say you, intelligent blog-reading community? Nook? Or Kindle?

(just so it is Nationals related, she can haul her reader into Nationals Park easier than hauling in her books and magazines. Yes, she does that. Have to be prepared for blowouts and rain delays)


YSTBF said...

My assistant manager got a kindle for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. The screen is impressive - no backlighting, looks similar to a page of a book. He has yet to charge it.

He has the one with 3g, but I agree that it is probably not necessary.

I have a VERY hard time believing that anyone has a better selection than Amazon. They have everything!

So, I voted for the Kindle. I am a bit put off by the price of an electronic book, little to no savings over a tangible book - but I buy most of my music on itunes and that is a similar situation.

Go Braves!

kevin rusch said...

As a geek, I think the Nook is a better piece of hardware. However, I agree that the future of B&N is a little disconcerting. And sharing books with other Nook owners requires there to be other Nook owners around you. Do you know any?

I'm thinking very seriously about getting an e-book reader, and I've decided on the Kindle. It's a lesser technological product, but I think it works fine and the other things it brings to the table are what convinced me.

Anonymous said...

Nook Logan. Nuf said. Buy a Kindle.

MikeHarris said...

Good point anon. I never heard Charlie Slowes yell, "KINDLE HAS ROUNDED THIRD! WHAT IS HE DOING??"

Kevin, my wife has several "Nook" friends. That was one of the reasons it appeals to her.

As for YSTBF, you know what I'm dealing with here so this decision has to be rock solid. E-book prices are rising but they don't get stacked up all over the house.

Go Nats.

Aussie Gus said...

We went iPad. Ereader and MORE!

MikeHarris said...

We're K.I.S.S. theorists: Keep It Simple Stupid. Just the reader. She has an iTouch and we have laptops. Don't need an iPad (though they are cool) - just a Kindle or a Nook (NOT Logan)!