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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holy Schmokes - It's Aug. 12? Where's Bryce?

Wow. Where did time go? You get busy and it's Aug. 12. Wasn't it Willie Nelson who sang ain't it funny how time slips away?

Will Bryce Harper slip away?

I know nothing but my hunches all say this will get done. This kid wants no part of school, no part of another JUCO season, no part of injury risk. He wants to sign and play. I think it will get done.

What will it cost and what's reasonable? I have no idea there, either. He's younger and therefore (we assume) further away from the majors than Jee-SUS. So I don't see Jee-SUS money being involved. But maybe it will go that high, or higher.

What will it take and do you see it getting done?


Sec3MySofa said...

My hunches (as opposed to my haunches, which are much less accurate) mostly agree with yours. I don't think he'll get > $15MM--he's too young, he's apparently got a couple of other negatives beside that, and there's a once-in-a-lifetime talent in every draft, sometimes two. The second pick overall next year would not be a disaster. A disappointment, maybe. But not disaster.
I know, I know ... he hits the ball 700 feet on checked swings, he's better than Bo Jackson, blah blah blah.
Wake me when he does that off the likes of Jimenez.

bdrube said...

It is depresssing that the Nats couldn't get this done right away and get Harper a full season in the GCL this year. Maybe had they done so he's be ready to come up to the big club by 2012, giving the team two full years to gel before Zim's contract expires.

Of course, if they fail to sign him it will be a HUGE disaster. They also need to get one of the other top two picks if not both signed by Monday. This organization is either serious about winning or it isn't. The next 72 hours will go a long way towards proving it one way or the other.

gnatsbites said...

Maybe they should have drafted a pitcher after all. They sure seem like they need some .. if LIvan Hernandez and his brother El Duque look like the only two starters who could consistently give you seven inning quality starts? Hopefully Yunieksi Maya is from the same mold?

Harper is a good three years away. I just can't excited watching the train wreck we have now.