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Friday, August 20, 2010

WTF Lineups

About 11 yesterday morning, I sent My Son the Braves Fan a note: Congrats on the sweep.

I had seen the Nats' lineup moments before. Hammer done for the year. Dunn taking a day off (didn't they just have one Monday?). Roger Bernadina batting third. No dis on Roger, who has grown on me this season. But third? A bottom four of Kennedy-Ramos-Harris (not me)-Lannan?

Yeah, right.

So of course the Nats win. Pretty easily in fact. Harris (not me) hit one so far it actually cleared the wall at Nats Park as well as Turner Field.

I'd have to do some actual research on this to see if I'm right, but I'm willing to bet I am. Now and then, a few times a month, Jimmy Rigs throws what I call a WTF lineup out there. As in, "WTF is he thinking?" I whine and moan and try to find something to do other than watch the game because I know, just know, the Nats are going to get creamed that day.

Most of the time, they not only don't get creamed - they win.

So consider this a vote for a WTF lineup every single day.

As for tonight, I wonder what kind of odds you can get on Jason Marquis vs. Roy Halladay? Astronomical, I'd assume. You can even say it is a WTF pitching matchup.

So bet on Jason and the Nats.

1 comment:

bdrube said...

Just be thankful it wasn't a 2008 debacle like Kory Casto at 3B, Aaron Boone at 1B batting cleanup and Paul Lo Duca in left Field.

I don't understand giving Dunn a day off either, but we don't know what's going on in the clubhouse. Maybe he had a nagging injury he wanted to rest for a day.

My only real gripe is why Harris (not you) instead of Maxwell? The kid has been awful, but so has Harris (not you) and the kid needs the at bats. A Harris (not you) home run is nice, but provides us no potential future benefit.