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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Did they or didn't they?

Philadelphia is lovely this time of year. I just got back to my room after a nice walk through "Center City." Got coffee at a Dunkin' Donuts and it came in an EAGLES mug. Didn't the Phillies win something big? No love in their own town. VCU's women play Drexel tonight in a battle for first place in the Colonial Athletic Association. Rams have won eight straight and will match a school record for consecutive wins with a victory tonight. Listen at - 7 p.m. tip.

I came back hoping to learn some more about what's going on with management of our beloved team. I found out that Jose Rijo has been fired. Oh. We didn't know that was coming.

What's going on with JimBow?

See, this is what frustrated me with the "modern media" toward the end of my days with the mainstream media. The Internet has created a "need to know and need to know NOW" society and everyone is jumping on board. The rush to get "scoops" online has led to some sloppy reporting. Getting it first is great. Getting it right is even better.

I read on a few blogs that the Nats had asked permission to forego the usual practices and bring in LaCava. The Post refuted that (and I still stick with the paper of my youth when it comes to credibility). So my guess is permission was not sought (yet). But maybe it was sought.

In the age of quick information and modern technology, I seem to be confused more often than I was in the good old days.

While we're on the subject, this is one reason I think JimBow needs to go on leave until everything is settled. Spring games are being played and - admit it, I'm right - we're all thinking about this mess. Most of us are giddy over the thought that a new GM could well be on the way. I really have no idea what happened yesterday other than the Nats lost.

Here's my NatsFanboyLooser promise to all my faithful readers: I will stick to my journalistic principles if I ever do report rather than yabber on about something. I didn't start this to be a reporter again but I do still know people. Now and then, something is going to hit me on the head. Thus far, I'm batting 1.000 albeit with a limited sample size. I had the Olsen-Willingham trade first, all details correct. My opinions may come from left field or head-up-my-assville. My facts will be straight.

So did they or didn't they?


Gus said...

I live too far away to get gossip or hear mutterings, but Mike, I come to you first every morning before everyone else. Having said that, Chris is back, albeit, commercial Chris, so I might be torn once the season starts.

MikeHarris said...

No need to be torn. Read both of us.

Gus said...

I meant torn between who to read first...Chris isn't as much fun when he can't swear (and has a corporate logo above his writing).

natsfan1a said...

Late to this post (thanks to a Miss Chatter link). I salute your pledge to uphold journalistic standards, and I share your concerns about the effects of the Internet on responsible journalism.