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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time's A Wastin'!

My pool pick for Leave of Absence is TODAY. There's only 10 1/2 hours of today left. C'mon, man, do the right thing and take yourself and your distractions away from the team. I'm thirsty. I need to win my own pool so I owe myself a beer.

Go read my bud's blog at FireJimBowden (see cool links to the right). He says JimBow is gone today, which hoses me in my own pool but would make me happy anyway. And if the replacement is indeed LaCava, I'm happier still.

While I'm on a roll, I hope it is not an omen that the Nats loaded the bases with none out in their first inning of the spring - and didn't score. Kearns fans (shocker) and Flores hits into a double play.

Oh, yeah, and there's this, too. A very interesting piece on Jon Rauch that was buried inside a Nationals Journal update.

I had no idea Jon was, uh, out there. The comments are interesting, too. I'm curious what happened with the catcher. I'm also curious what makes anyone think one of those neck tats is a good idea.


An Briosca Mor said...
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MikeHarris said...

I saw the one at the back of the neck after he cut his hair.
This new one? It looks like it is bigger than Emilio Bonafacio.

MissChatter said...

The dude is a wee bit high strung. The article didn't surprise me at all. Same 'ol.

Kristen said...

high strung is putting it nicely :)

I could never figure out why his attitude problems were never mentioned in the press here in DC.