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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pre-P&C Report Question of the Day

Is it Saturday yet?

NO, that isn't THE question. I've been watching for a Guess the Rotation thing on one of the real blogs that covers the Nats and haven't seen one yet. So I'll do one here while we wait for the real folks to start theirs.

Me first: Lannan, Olsen, Cabrera, Balester, Zimmermann. (way to stick my neck out).

Which leads to more questions: Hill? Start the year on the DL and fill in for the first one who gets hurt or falters? Martis? A full year at AAA? Does Matt Chico still exist? We get all these injury updates on everyone else. I fear this guy has fallen off a cliff. Is Tyler Clippard still a factor? I was in Seattle when he struck out Sexson in a clutch situation. Yes, it was Sexson but still. Guy showed me a little something there. Does Odalis Perez have any shot and, if so, where? Who among my five doesn't make it? I think the first three are stone cold locks.

Final question (damn lot of questions for ONE question, huh?): If I'm right, which is rare, are you OK with that rotation assuming health and reasonable production of the regular eight? I think I can live with it.


Brian said...

Lannan, Olsen, OPerez, Cabrera, & Hill. (Not happy with that rotation, I still don't see a #1 or #2 type SP)

Zimmermann will be held back until May at the earliest to control his arbitration status.

I was tempted to put Balester in place of Hill but I am assuming Hill is healthy and Balester has options remaining.

Martis seems Syracuse bound until injuries dictate his recall.

Chico had TJ surgery some time in July 2008. I know that things have changed in recovery time, but I still doubt we'll see him back in full season ball before June of this year. And then he'll likely make stops in Hagerstown, Potomac and Harrisburg as part of his rehab before heading back to Syracuse.

Clippard is a four-A guy at this point.

George Templeton said...

Maybe they go with 6 starters.

And just saw this on ESPN News. Nats are signing Adam Dunn!