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Friday, February 20, 2009

Thinking out loud again

I'm in the midst of a very busy week (with a nice break tonight) and I haven't had too much time to ponder what's going on down in Florida. Probably a good thing because it keeps me from getting too hacked off about this whole Smiley-isn't-Smiley deal. But, as they often do, these little thoughts keep popping into my head:

*The Smiley deal may be a good thing if its ultimate end result is the thing many of us would really like to see happen. You know what I mean, there's a whole Web site devoted to that wish (see cool links on the right). I still say he probably survives and Rijo takes the hit.

*Glad Zimmerman didn't go to arbitration. Not glad we haven't read about a multi-year yet. How hard would it be to take what the O's gave what's his name, Markakis, and match or slightly better that? The team keeps making decent steps with the Olsen/Willingham trade, the signing of Dunn - let's make THE BIG STEP and lock up The Face for a while. Six and 70. Git 'er done.

*Where does Chad Cordero pitch this year, if anywhere?

*I saw on some of my blogging colleagues' sites that Ian Desmond is still having wrist problems. Clueless me had no clue he missed much of last season. Those hamate bones are a bitch. A VCU player named Scott Sizemore, who is in the Tigers chain now, suffered a hamate injury, too, at about the same time. I did a story on him in January for our Web site and he had not been cleared to swing at that point. Great kid, considered a great prospect, I hope he makes it back. Does Desmond still factor in anywhere? I still remember the story in the Washington Times during the first spring training touting him as a future great one. Has he played a game at AAA yet?

*Has El Jefe weighed in on Smiley yet? I see Uncle Stan chimed in. Still waiting to hear from The Big Guy. How would you like to be in that room, trying to 'splain away this mess?

Today should be a good day. I'm doing a middle school speaking gig, a library presentation about the wonders of reading and writing. We get some community service hours so I'm using those to do this. Then my son and I are headed to Durham to see Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel. We're both jacked about that. Tomorrow he goes back to work and I head to New York with the VCU women's team. Rams are 22-4 and headed - we hope - to the NCAA Tournament. The Final Four is before the home opener.

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