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Thursday, August 14, 2008


The other side has finally been found. Chico (the writer) caught up with one of the Hendricks brothers in the latest Nationals Journal . It is crap like this that makes me ball up my fists and scrunch my face in my best Yosemite Sam imitation and go, "Ooooohhh, I hates agents."

Nice advice you're giving this kid. The Nats want to give him TWO POINT ONE MILLION DOLLARS. No major league contract? Well, he's probably fast tracked to the bigs so that will come soon enough.

It's not enough for these chotch bags. So send him to some independent league, let him risk that valuable arm for chicken feed and hope his value doesn't decrease over the next year. Or that he doesn't get hurt. Meanwhile, it's 2.1 MILLION gone that he will never see again.

"I guarantee you we won't change." Eat a hodgie, you posturing clown.

AMF, Mr. Crow. AMF.

At some point, I gots to get on The Googles and figure out why the Hendricks brothers are sticking with me. They're not at the Boras level but there's something out there that makes them memorable. Not that memorable, clearly.

Zimmerman, Willems, Marrero, Detwiler all managed to get signed. We may never know what's really happened in all this but all signs point to it NOT being the Nats fault. As much as I'd like to rip them for this, I won't.

AMF, Mr. Crow. Something may indeed change in the next 28 hours but I still don't like your advisers.

Ooooohhhhhhhhh. I hates agents.

(Just to make my night complete, Brian "Snyder" just went long. I'm going to bed)


Gus said...

I am all about building for the long term, but surely those doing the building need to be the best available as well.

Quote from the SI power rankings -
Nick Johnson leads the Nationals with 33 walks. Did I mention that Johnson has been on the disabled list since May 13? Nationals baseball: Embarrassing our nation's capital one day at a time.

FIRE LENNY, and whoever hired him!

Sam said...

You may be recalling the Hendricks Bros. from their rep of Roger Clemens.

Didn't love that interview either, and am hoping it's all just posturing, but it's interesting to me that you view the Agent's posture as so unreasonable. Why is it crazy for him to argue that the Nations should give their guy more than they gave Paul LoDuca (though less than they gave Cristian Guzman)? Seems to me that Crow's upside risk is worth more than either of those guys to the Nationals given where the team is right now. Anyhow lots of room to argue around the different sides of this, but as I said I was surprised at your very strong reaction that Hendricks is the one being unreasonable here.

An Briosca Mor said...

Hendricks says that he told the Nationals before the draft that they'd need to give Crow a major league contract plus above-slot money. Now Hendricks claims that the Nationals have told him they won't go over slot for Crow, but he says nothing about the major league contract being an issue. Yet from the Nationals' side, they have publicly stated they will not give a major league contract but have indicated their willingness to pay above slot by doing so for several other draft picks. Thus my guess is that they are offering Crow above-slot money (although probably not as much as he is asking for) but not a major league contract, and Hendricks is trying to spin it as the Nationals not being willing to pay above slot. In reality, the issue is the major league contract which AFAIK has no effect one way or the other on the amount of money the agent is telling Crow to turn down. Talk about a slimeball agent...