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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'll say it ONE more time

and then I'm moving on.

AMF. Enjoy Fort Worth.

For all my complaints about JimBow, I've never accused him of being dishonest. Never heard anyone say he lies when talking to the press. So assuming what he told the Post in the Web-only story Chico filed is true, AMF AGAIN.

If they offered $3.5 million AND a major league contract and Crow's crew still said no, it is clear he didn't want to play here. That's extremely generous for the No. 9 pick. Yes, the Nats need quality pitchers (and quality other things). They don't need prima donnas. I'm stunned that they offered that much and stunned it was turned down. I'm not laying this one on the Nats. They were more than reasonable (again, assuming what we hear from them is true).


And, Sam, I'll answer you again in lights (and thanks for the responses). THE No. 1 pick in the draft is a different animal. I still don't like the idea of a major league deal for a pick but concede the top pick has some cred the others don't. Crow is obviously a talent and will probably kick some ass for somebody eventually (assuming he doesn't blow his arm out in Fort Worth). But eight teams DID pass on him.



George Templeton said...

It's a shame but they got everyone else signed including a kid that could've played football at Alabama. That's another nice infusion of talent for the farm system and shows their commitment to offering good deals for draft choices.
Hopefully the Dark Lord (Boras) notices that if/when we take Stephen Strasburg next year.

Anonymous said...

Batting STance Guy just did a new video on you tube on the Nats. Its great!