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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not waving the white flag yet ***

*** but I did take it out of the drawer and I have it ready.

My wife puts up with my obsession quite well. Better than she should. She even helps feed it. Last night, I had a late meeting at work. The welcome back thing for all the students here. She called as I was heading home and said she was trying to find the game for me, it wasn't on DirecTV's 626. Try 671, I said. I never know if it is on MASN or MASN2 or MASN360 or MASNU or whatever.

Sweet thing wanted the game to be on when I finally got home. I walked in just in time to see Willie not catch the fly and we all know it turned sour from there.

I now believe that the poster from yesterday who predicted no more wins may be right. If the Nats couldn't win last night, they may indeed not win again this year.

11 and counting. Pardon me for thinking sending Casto out and bringing in yet another weak middle infielder is not going to make a difference.

Unrelated, Hendo made a very nice find in this article that he posted in the comments section of a previous post. I wanted to move it out here so it would be easier for the rest of you to find. I'm not talking about the sumbitch no more so I'll leave the comments to others.


Sec314 said...

I'm just hoping they bring up a few interesting minor leaguers in September so that we can see "The Future."

MikeHarris said...

Been thinking about that myself - not sure yet who would make my list but there would be several on it.

Sec314 said...

Here's some things worth watching:
A Flores bat is always an adventure. He either has NO CLUE where the ball is going to be, or he hits a rocket. Often happens in the same AB.

There's usually at least one Willie Harris highlight per game.

Lastings' "Big Adventure" in CF can be quite entertaining -- which way will he break?

On the rare occasions when E-Bone gets a hit or a chance to run, its fun to see him GO!

Hendo said...

Thanks for the shout out, Mike. Not that the Nats get a pass from what might have been a poor drafting decision, but it'd take a lot to convince me that Crow and the Hendrickses were serious participants at the negotiating table.

MikeHarris said...

I got nothing - but I'd agree with you if I was still talking about that.
Rat basta *** must stop myself.