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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bad news on the blogging front

I have a hurt thumb and I don't thnk it is too bad but typing with ninne fingerss is a bitch so excuse teh typos pleas. I should be OKay tomorrow. I'm day-to-day which mean my next blog entry will come in October.

Someone, I can't remember who, had a great line about day-to-day: Aren't we all? Maybe the Nats are just confused and mean to say days-to-days.

Nats320 (see links on right) touched on this nicely earlier. This has happened so many times it is no longer funny. Dukes' "charley horse," which happened only seven at-bats into his return from knee surgery, has turned into another 4-6 weeks deal. (What IS a charley horse anyway?). Days-to-days again.

I can't imagine Manny Acta intentionally means to mislead anyone. He doesn't strike me as that type of guy. I'm sure he's following the party line. I also can't believe the medical staff is so worthless that guys get hurt and they do the "holy shit, he really IS hurt bad" routine so many times.

So what is up? Is it money? No way they can be THAT cheap? Or way?

Whatever, I have to go to Blacksburg AGAIN. I'm pretty much eligible to vote there. My son is moving. At least my bad thumb will get me out of the heavy lifting. I am looking forward to a return visit to Nationals Park next weekend. The 15th in fact. I'll be there to applaud when they announce the Crow signing. It will probably hurt like crazy but I'll suck it up for the team.

UPDATE - See you in October, Tim. He's days-to-days.


Sean Hogan said...

You HAVE to go to Blacksburg? Don't you mean you GET to go to Blacksburg?

MikeHarris said...

No, this week is a HAVE! Most times it is a get. I do get to spend lots of time with my granddog and that's always good. Going to keep her out of the way while the move is going on. Lots of swimming.

Sean Hogan said...

Swimming, fun. Is your son done in the Burg for good or is he just moving from place to place?

MikeHarris said...

Across town. From a college townhouse complex to a "real" neighborhood.

Dave Nichols said...

Mike, pretty sure the first to say "...aren't we all" was the incomparable Vin Scully, then cribbed by someone on SportCenter.

as for Dukes: ugh. i think the medical staff is doing a poor job taking the players opinion of their injuiries and waiting to do any medical follow-up until days later. it's played out too many times now: Patterson, Cordero, Hill, Kearns, Dukes. player says "It's not so bad, i'll be back quick." three days later, said player still can't play, goes for MRI, not to be heard from for 4-6 weeks (or next season, or never again).

George Templeton said...

So does this mean the jokes and the gallows humor might abate. Does a 6-1 record since the turn to August convince any of the doom merchants that things are turning for the better. God I hope so.

The rays of light are coming through. Thanks to Emilio, Ryan, Kory, Lastings, John and Jason a bright future is ahead and the Nats are going in the right direction. The Nats aren't there yet, and there is a lot of work to be done, but this team will be a contender and will be successful. And it will happen soon. Believe it!

Dave Nichols said...

George, not to be a merchant of doom, but exactly what illuminating is Kory Casto doing? his .208/.304/.307 batting line and OPS+ of 62 in 101 at bats isn't exactly shiny.

i can buy that certain things are looking up, just cite the right ones! :-)

George Templeton said...

Alright Kory may not have been the best example, but I do see him as a contributor off the bench. None the less, the rest of my list was accurate.