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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank you, from all of us

I'm not arrogant enough to think this blog has a massive readership. I do know there are some very kind people among those who do read. A few made comments on my previous post and more got in touch with me directly with thoughtful and kind words of encouragement. They were all very much appreciated by the entire family.

If there's ever a worse weekend in store for me, I don't want to experience it. Zinger hung tough through Friday night, long enough for the kids to get home. Saturday, we got to spend a little time with her before the vet came over. We could tell she was hurting and being brave for us. Poor thing may have been hurting for a long time and never let us know until there was no choice. She died at 2 p.m.

We got back into our regular routines Monday but it is hardly regular. The new normal ain't the old normal. Zoe, our 9-year-old black Lab, is trying hard to help but she's confused. Where's her buddy? I got her to eat a little something this morning but she keeps looking from side to side, like she's wondering if it is OK to eat without Zinger tearing into some food next to her and then trying to get some of hers.

It is quiet and it is sad when I get home at night. I'm told it will get better. I took Zoe out last night to play some "ballie." She chases and brings back. Zinger would wait, pounce and fight for the ball. Last night, Zoe circled and circled me, waiting for the battle that never came. Three throws in, she took the ballie in her mouth and went inside.

Anyway, I did watch the Nats last night and took some pleasure out of that victory. We're going to try and go to Saturday's game (it is part of our package) but my wife isn't sure she'll feel up to that. Yesterday was her birthday. She begged off celebrating until later.

I'm going to try and post regularly again. You'll know I'm back to normal when I start making snide comments about the Mets' bringing in Ayala in the ninth and wondering later why they didn't win.

Until then, thanks again.


Gus said...

So sorry to hear the news Mike. Best wishes to the whole family. Not that I am a dog expert, but if Zoe isn't enjoying eating, try serving her her meal at the same time as you guys all eat, with her bowl next to the table. Also, try the some warm scrambled eggs. No matter how bad things are, dogs can't resist warm eggs! Mate, I know it's hard, but it does get better, and sometimes an new young one rescued from the pound helps the healing. Come back whenever you are ready. I went into shock when Chris stopped blogging, but you saved me. God knows why I want to read about this team, but I do.

MikeHarris said...

Thanks Gus. She ate a little more tonight. She's trying so hard.

Mama B said...

So sorry about your loss. Try hand feeding Zoe, especially some chicken or turkey. Don't be afraid to let the tears fall in her coat. If she's a licker, there's nothing more comforting.
Zinger will always keep a special place for you. One day you will tell your grandchildren about her

George Templeton said...

Losing a beloved animal is like losing a member of the family, I hope things get better soon.