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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Maybe it can last forever

That's 4-0 for the NewNationals. My wife and I turned on the radio after leaving an Applebee's and it was 3-0 Rocks in the first. "Oh lord," she said. "Not so fast," I said. "These are the NewNationals."

50 games to go, 28 wins to reach my goal. Feeling more optimistic by the minute.

Speaking of minutes, has Crow signed yet?

Also, couldn't help but shake my head when I read this story on - the last guy who went out with an ass injury hasn't been the same since he got back. I would think a "glute contusion" hurts.

One more question before I get my morning officially started: also reports Clippard is a likely call-up for bullpen help. Uh, why not call up a reliever and let Clippard continue to work on starting. Unless, of course, the plan is to move him to the bullpen.

Does Guzman get traded now? I guess that's two questions but the NewNats have me so damn excited I can't think straight.


Steven said...

We should have traded Guzman in June. But yeah, I'd move him now for a C+ prospect.

MikeHarris said...

I'd like to see a little more than that, if he's moved.

Sec314 said...

Don't get all excited yet, The AG's Batting Average is going to drop fast and deep.

JayB said...

AG average can drop to .215 for all I care. If he do a OBP of .300 or more then he plays everyday on my team. SS defense if the most important aspect of a young team that is banking on pitching to lead to improvement. Let him play and put Guz at SS until he is traded. Eat some of Guz's salary if needed but trade him for a B prospect if you can get it.

JayB said...

ops Guz at 1B and 3B until he is traded. In a year like this can Zim really stay on the field the next few weeks?

Gus said...

Can we trade Guz for another 4 Lannans?

Gus said...

That HR was my fault! I literally turned off Gameday to come here and went back to see a red dot over the fence. Sorry.

But I am sure I've said this before, but why is Ayala still in the bigs?