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Friday, August 22, 2008

Real life intervenes

I hate when that happens but it has in a big way. As I type, my big girl Zinger is in emergency surgery and it doesn't look good. Cancer, the vet thinks. Lots of it and we never had a sign she was sick until last night. She's an 11-year-old chocolate Lab, the sweetest dog going. My kids are on the way home. Looks like we have to make a tough decision.

I watched most of the last two innings last night in the waiting room at the emergency vet center. I got called back with two outs in the last of the ninth and a runner on third. Didn't know until two hours later the Nats indeed won.

I'll be back after a while but I don't know how soon. This one is hard. I know I'm really going to miss her going nuts when Johnny and Ray come on TV. I miss her already.


Mama B said...

Feel for you Mike. Watching our 16 y.o. dog go down hill is hard. Don't know what we'll do when he's gone. Just keep telling each other the stories about the dog - the good, bad ,etc.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. A suggestion, especially to benefit the kids: Prepare a photo album or scrapbook devoted to Zinger, and place it in the best pictures, drawings, and notes about your memories. It will be cathartic to create this, and in years to come you will look at it with smiles. I recently took a niece and nephew from different households with us to a Nats game, and during a lull they shared stories their fathers (my brothers) had told them about family pets from MY childhood. The kids clearly cherished those stories.

This May, one of my best pets ever, our exceptionally good 10-year-old cat Dana, died of cancer. She used to get frightened if my husband yelled in frustration during Nats games. At least she hasn't had to endure his reactions to the team's poor performance this summer. But we miss her so much.

George Templeton said...

Never good to lose a beloved pet, my condolences. Did you dog ever go nuts when the Nats did something good (like today for instance).

Gus said...

So sorry to hear about Zinger Mike. My wife and I both really feel for you and the family. Our 6 month old Spoodle still oves to eat her poo, or better, deliver it to us with a "look what I found!" expression, but I know when it's her turn we'll be devastated. Anonymous' idea is a good one. My folks have a house full of old dog photos, and it's great to think back to times spent running in the park, or trying to jump off the roof.