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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An interesting stat

A good friend who follows baseball closely sent me this tidbit today:

From Phil Rogers' (Chi Tribune) baseball rankings

32. Nationals (30): The players on Washington’s current 25-man roster earn a combined $23.3 million. The six on the disabled list and four they have released (Paul Lo Duca, Felipe Lopez, Johnny Estrada and Rob Mackowiak) cost them a combined $26.9 million. It’s no wonder they have the worst run differential in the majors.

(He had 32 spots because he ranked World Baseball Classic and Olympics baseball this week)

Me again.
Ranked 32nd when there's only 30 teams is, um, interesting. I'm more curious about the money management. You can't help the injuries but putting about 12.5 million into players you toss to the curb doesn't speak highly for those who manage the cash. Plus, Dmitri's getting $5 mil to be out of shape and not play. Yeah, he has diabetes to deal with but didn't he have that last year, too? That contract still makes me shake my head. That's a ton of money for a DH in a league that doesn't use the DH.

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