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Sunday, September 6, 2009

BlackBerry walk off

Came home from Atlanta today and kept up with the Nats' game via BlackBerry. First time I've done that because I haven't had one all that long. No, I was not driving.

"Seeing" the game winning home run that way was pretty cool, though nothing like being there. Sporting events last a long time (some too long) but there's always been something amazing about the game that ends with the winner being determined on the final play. The buzzer beater in basketball, the long touchdown pass (or run) as time expires in football. What's become known as the "walk off" in baseball. Nothing like it.

I was fortunate enough to see three last season - the Opening Day shot by Zimmerman, Wil Nieves (who?) against the Cubs and Ronnie Belliard against the Orioles.

I haven't seen one live this year. The best I have is my BlackBerry. I knew that phone would prove worthwhile.

1 comment:

bdrube said...

I was there for this one. Pretty sweet.

I just read the Miami Herald's story about what a devastating blow it was to the Fish's playoff hopes. All the anguish they've caused us the past two years made it even sweeter.