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Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey Honey!

My father-in-law had a simple answer for my son when asked how he kept all his women straight. He didn't try to remember their names. He just called all of them honey.

Perhaps ought to take the same approach with season-ticket holders.

Anyone else named Shawn out there?

For those not on those magical mailing lists, the Nats sent out an e-mail to us lucky fools who repeatedly give up their hard-earned cash to watch 100-loss teams. We can renew, we can get points, we can get upgrades. The usual "please come back" blather.

I read it without thinking too much about it. Still have no idea if I'll renew any of my tickets, let alone all four.

Then came the apology e-mail. Oops. It's's fault. We had the wrong name on there. You are not Shawn. You are Mike.

Yeah, I knew that much. I never even noticed the "Shawn" thing until they pointed it out. So I went back and looked. Sure enough, they called me Shawn. That's the thanks I get for the 1,000s of bucks I spent seeing nine victories in 30-some appearances? Shawn? I look like a Shawn to you?

I'm so offended I just can't stand it. Good thing one of my favorite people in the world is named Shawn, else I'd be really steamed.

OK, so I'm kidding a little. You can call me Bob, Fred, Bill, George or Diane if you'd just stop losing 100 games every year and stop closing the Slice Down the Lines on the upper concourse. You can call me Jackass, Bubblebutt, Tubby, Baldie or Stinky if you'd somehow manage to put a better product on the field.

Those computer programs that personalize everything are cool, aren't they? Until they don't work. But let's draw attention to our flies being down by sending out another e-mail that says, "Hey, our fly is down."

Call us all Shawn. I can't imagine too many people really care. Just stop losing all the time. That'll go a longer way toward getting me to renew than remembering I'm actually Mike.


dcbatgirl said...

You have to admit that was classic Nats customer service.

My name on the little note ... Eugene.
Sort-of a little bit close, I guess.

MikeHarris said...

So they just gave us all random names?
I like Eugene.

Tim Taber said...

Hey Mike...

They got my right!! Maybe they will hit 200?


An Briosca Mor said...

Apparently is the one that screwed up, not the Nationals. even sent out an apology e-mail, probably right after Stan Kasten called them up and tore them a new one.

Just be glad it wasn't addressed "Dear Phillies Fan." Baby steps toward respectability.

And the benefits they're offering for renewing promptly are pretty sweet. I already called and renewed, upgraded my location a bit, and the added cost will be at least partially compensated for by the $100 food and drink credit.

MikeHarris said...

I didn't read it all that closely (clearly since I didn't notice they'd called me Shawn) but the benefits did seem good. If I do renew, I'll stick with my same plan and seats. I was in the 400-level the first year, a little too high for my old eyes. The 300 level is perfect. We upgraded to the club 2-3 times just because.

I am curious to hear from Shawn and find out what they called him.

DMan said...

On the positive side, my seats keep getting better each year! My Dad and I finally now have the chance to get into seats that are most comparble (closeness and sight-line wise) to our RFK seats. We are no-longer shut out of those sections as partial plan holders.

Anonymous said...

She said, "Carl, take all the money."
She called everybody Carl.

"come back to us barbara lewis hare krishna beauregard"
by john prine