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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Take that, Mets

I'm easy, I admit. It really doesn't take much to make me happy, though I understand it often sounds just the opposite.

One of my great thrills? Any victory over the Mets. Funny thing is, I don't really dislike the Mets at all. Some of my best friends are Mets fans, however, and they couldn't be more obnoxious. Two years ago, when the Mets did that severe gag and lost five of six to the Nats late, I smiled all winter.

Both teams are in Nowhereville this year but I loved that ending today just the same.

While Maxwell was batting, I was explaining to My Son the Braves Fan how Max fits in the Nats Grand Order of Things. It wasn't a great answer because I don't really know. If Willingham/Morgan/Dukes is the outfield next year, is he the fourth? Is he trade bait? Do you trade one of them (please not Morgan) and create a slot?

My son immediately started up with our trade game again. He wasn't offering much until that ball left the park. Then he said, "Prado for Maxwell."

Done. Right now. I'd take that one.

We had fun watching the game today and I'll spend the rest of the night grinning and giggling like a schoolgirl. My wife will think I'm drunk when she gets home. Heck, by the time she does, I may be.

I will tip one in your honor Mr. Maxwell. As my son said, "For a l00-loss team, they sure do put together some moments."

A funny moment in the postgame interviews: Dukes saying the "younger guys" came through today, one of them being Maxwell. Dukes is eight months younger than Maxwell.


SUSasskuash said...

I was listening to the game on the radio (working late last night). I finished working somewhere in the top of the 9th inning, so I decided to stay at work and listen to the finish. So glad I did! From Gonzalez's single, Harris's bunt and Dunn's walk, I knew something big was happening. The coolest part of Maxwell's homerun was listening on the radio. Charlie Slowes' description, "Pagan is moving back, he's at the warning track, TO THE WALL..." and nothing. I just waited for what seemed like an hour. Then I heard the crowd erupt before Charlie could even tell if the game had ended in victory or defeat. I jumped out of my office chair and it took all my self discipline (which is admittedly lower than it should be) not to start sceaming down the halls of my office. I wish it was the last game of the year because that is one heck of a way to head into the off season.

MikeHarris said...

I'll frame my tickets and pretend I was there. My son gave me endless grief for not going.

I just watched the replay a few hundred times. Really hard to tell where it comes down, looks like it might have been JUST over the fence. Bob Carpenter used the word "evidently," which was a good choice.

bdrube said...

Wow. My wife had to talk me into going to this game, which was NOT part of our season ticket package. She arranged a group outing with her office. I didn't even get to the park until the 6th inning as I had work commitment. But boy, am I glad I made it. Those ten minutes from Harris's bunt to the grand slam were as exciting as any I saw all year.

And having watched several games Maxwell played at Potomac (and seeing him hit a homer there) made it all the sweeter. Fourth outfielder type? Well, the kid has speed, a good glove and a little pop in his bat, so why not?

An Briosca Mor said...

Once it became clear that Pagan didn't catch the ball, it didn't really matter where it landed. There had already been one replay call at the left field flower box on Francoeur's hit in the first (was that the first ever replay call at Nats Park?) and if they had gone to replay on Maxwell's hit the worst case outcome would have been ground rule double, two runs in, 5-4 win. So replay made no sense and the easy and correct call was home run all the way.

MikeHarris said...

I wasn't sure at first he didn't catch the ball.

The replay was good on Francouer's hit. It showed the ball clearly leaving an indentation at the top of the green padding.

As you note, once it was clear Pagan didn't have the ball - game over. I'm still curious where it came down. Looked like a fan in the front row came up with the thing.

Is there a gap between the first row of seats and the fence?

An Briosca Mor said...

I believe the flower bed is the gap between the first row of seats and the fence. Or are you talking about additional leg room in front of those seats? I've never sat there so I don't know.

There was one other incident at that flower wall that I recall. In 2008 (before replay) Dmitri Young hit one out there that was eventually ruled a home run. But before it got ruled that way, he nearly died running full out to third. I bet if he had his druthers he'd have been prouder over a triple call on that one.

An Briosca Mor said...

Here's the answer to your gap question.

MikeHarris said...

Thanks - I was thinking about this conversation when I saw the replay again last night and it did indeed look like there was a slight gap between the flowers and seats. I did think the guy came up with the ball - guess not.