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Friday, September 4, 2009


Welcome back Flo. One of my favorites returns to active duty. Good for him for working hard to get back to that point.

That said, I sure hope I don't see him doing much the rest of the season. The plan to use him as a pinch-hitter now and then seems fine. The plan, as outlined in the Nationals Journal, to maybe use him defensively later in the month does not.

Why? Why take that risk? This guy is supposed to be a key part of the future puzzle. Please don't take a chance with him.

Getting ready to head to Atlanta for a season-opening football game so I'll be in and out of touch with the Nats over the weekend. I hope to see two of the home games next week. Only 3-4 left for me this season. Can't believe how fast this season has gone. You can make a case that's a good thing.

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