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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The streak

Watching the game with my brother last night, a thought occurred to us almost simultaneously.

The streak! Is it in jeopardy? I think so.

Adam Dunn needs five home runs in 23 games to extend to six his streak of seasons with at least 40 home runs. Can he do it? Of course. Will he? I'm not so sure.

I'd hate to see it end. Dunn is still pretty young and that's the kind of streak that can grow to epic proportions. He should have a number of good years left. The pressure is only going to increase as the games wind down. I'd love to see him jack a couple tonight (especially since I'll be there) and make 40 a more realistic proposition.

My brother and I agree: We like Dunn, particularly at first base. Is he a magician over there? No. But to these untrained eyes, he plays an acceptable first base. I hope he's here a lot longer than one more year.

Moving on, only 39 people voted in my most recent poll. So much for hitting 100 in one of those things.

Of those, 29 want to see Desmond at short and Guzman at second since that seems to be a realistic possibility for next season. But, no, doesn't look like it will happen. We're playing to win, don't you know? Hey, how's that been working out for you? You're pretty much a lock to lose 100 for the second straight year and draft No. 1 for the second straight year. Winning isn't something that's been happening very much. SO TRY SOMETHING NEW IN THE FINAL MONTH. You know, see if it will help you win next year since this year is ANOTHER lost cause.

Five voters want to see some new starters. Not sure Marco Estrada qualifies. We've seen that before. Three want to see Maxwell get a good look. Maybe it will help him learn how to run the bases. Two want Orr to get an everyday chance.

Me? I just want a clear night so I can enjoy the game tonight. That is, enjoy it as much as it is possible to enjoy a game against the Phillies. It really ought to be against the law for the Nats to have to play them right now. They need to come up with a schedule like the NFL has, where bad teams get allegedly more favorable schedules. To think I feared them bringing Logan Kensing. Instead, Tyler Clippard gives up the back-to-backs. Those Phils will hit long ones off anyone.


Sec314 said...

I was wondering the same thing. He needs to get hot soon. He's getting hits at least, but nothing over the fence.

An Briosca Mor said...

He's gone nine games now without homering. He did that once earlier this season and ended that drought by going Eutaw Street up in Baltimore. He's definitely due, but even if he hits one he's not the kind of slugger that goes on home run tears. So with only 23 games left, I don't think he's gonna make it.

OTOH, he has often been quoted as saying he pretty much shuts down in September. Maybe that shutdown this year has resulted in him becoming a singles-hitting machine like Guzman. He's at .282 BA now, 31 points over his career average and 46 points over last year. If he can keep that up the rest of this year, would it be worth falling short of 40 HR?

MikeHarris said...

He's had a great year anyway, no question. I'll take .280 and 35 HRs anytime.
I just want to see the streak continue.