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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What the ???

This Flores news was simply a wonderful thing to wake up to this morning. Cripes a-moly. I listened last night on XM so I had the Phillies broadcast and it wasn't mentioned.

When did he tear the thing? He hasn't been throwing lately, has he? Can you tear it swinging the bat? Was it there all along and just missed?

Is it just me or does it seem like every medical situation with this team turn into the Keystone Cops?

Time to go scan the free agent catchers list. Your 2010 Opening Day catcher for the Nats - Brian Schneider! Can they take Harper early? Luke Montz, come on do *** oh, wait, he had such a fine season they took him off the 40-man. Doesn't mean he can't go back on but I don't see Montz as the guy.

This day had such promise, too. In a season of many lows, the whole Flores situation ranks right up there at the top.


An Briosca Mor said...

If you have to have surgery that puts you out 3-6 months, now's the time. Six months out from spring training. He should show up ready to go.

As to when he tore it, who knows? Apparently it didn't show up on MRIs conducted while he was on the DL for the stress fracture. So if it was caused by him coming back these past few weeks, ultimately that's a good thing. Labrum tears just don't heal up on their own, so if he had a labrum tear ready to happen, better that it happened now than in winter ball or spring training or wherever he would have started to come back.

Players get hurt all the time, catchers in particular. Which is why I find all this "blame the doctors, blame the team" angst in the blogosphere every time someone gets hurt rather strange. Not saying you do that, but it's an inevitable reaction every time there's injury news around here. Don't people realize it's like this everywhere and if you can escape it for an extended period of time you're basically just lucky?

MikeHarris said...

Oh, I do it, I'm guilty.
My question with the Nats, though, is why it always seems to be worse news than expected - yeah, people get hurt. But, wow, this history:
*They expected him back in two weeks Oops, four months. Oops needs surgery.
*Z-nn is just sore, instead of resting him in Sept. we'll rest him now. Uh, uh, no wait. Time to go see Dr. Andrews.
*Z-n last year? How long was it, yeah, maybe tomorrow?

Happens a lot elsewhere, too, I know. Seems to happen more often here.

I also admit I can look at a full glass and see it as empty.

An Briosca Mor said...

"Happens a lot elsewhere, too, I know. Seems to happen more often here."

Is that maybe because you pay closer attention to here than you do elsewhere?

bdrube said...

The inexplicable part of this situation was bringing Flores back at all, even if it had nothing to do with his injury. If he wasn't going to catch, what was the point?

Had they still been in contention and needed his bat for pinch hitting that would have been one thing, but giving him a dozen September at bats in meaningless games made no sense. What were they going to learn about him that they didn't already know? Why not just let him rest and heal?

Schruender said...

With the brief history of the Nationals it's very easy to see a full glass as empty in your defense Mike.

Seriously all the hope that was in Zimmerbeast to be the pitcher of the future and this happens.