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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two to go

Last night was another BlackBerry game. I was in airports and on airplanes. I saw quick glances of 2-1 Nats, 4-2 Dodgers and then 14-2 Dodgers. I wanted to ask for a refund on the BlackBerry.

Ah, but the one detail I got was good news - No. 38 for Dunn. I have not checked for other details and it is probably better if I don't.

I have become obsessed with this streak and I'm really going to be disappointed if he doesn't get to 40. That's pretty much all I care about now and, watching the team in recent days when I've been able, I suspect that means I care about more than some who are wearing the uniform.

I look back at my earlier post where I predicted a 77-win season and wonder what I was drinking. I suspect if the Nats did a Disappointed as Hell Night and gave away tickets to those who qualified, they'd fill the joint easily. Mr. Rizzo has some serious work to do in the offseason. I'm sure I'm not the only fan sitting here wondering, "Do I want to keep making the kind of investment I'm making in this team, financially and otherwise?" Not sure yet I want to put $1,800 or so into my partial ticket plan and who knows what on gas, food and other costs. I've been loyal and faithful, though a bit grumbly here and there, for five years now.

I'm well within my rights to expect better at this stage.

Strasburg gives me hope. That's done. The Nats will end up winning the Harper Cup easily so the team can break is own signing record next season.

What 40 HRs for Adam Dunn will do is make me happy about something on field this season - two more, let's get it done. Oh, I'd be happy with an extension for him, too.


michael said...

i just hope when he gets to 40 they bench him the rest of the season. that's a streak worth keeping intact.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Maxwell playing every day? Why isn't Desmond playing every day? I do not understand the rationale for playing Willie and Alberto--we know what they can/cannot do. I don't want to hear about being fair to the pennant race.

An Briosca Mor said...

Desmond is playing every day, almost. That's not the problem. The problem is that they have him at a different position every time they send him out there. He butchered right field on Saturday, he butchered second base last night. It's like they're trying to turn him into a utility man who can play anywhere, when defensively to date he hasn't shown that he can adequately field even one position. They need to put him somewhere, leave him there, and let him learn to field at least adequately. From what I've seen, shortstop is his best bet. Put him there, even if you have to sit Guzman the rest of this year.

According to Ladson, Desmond will be playing winter ball for Licey along with Dukes. Let's hope that his instructions are to play one position and one position only while he's there.

Anonymous said...

"Not sure yet I want to put $1,800 or so into my partial ticket plan and who knows what on gas, food and other costs."

Me neither. This team is a disaster. Unless uncle Teddy opens his wallet WIDE in the offseason, we could challenge for 100 losses again next season. There just isn't enough major league ready talent in this organization for them to be at all competetive.

Ryan said...

Whether or not I'm still living in the DC area next spring, I will not be renewing my partial season ticket plan. Just ain't worth it.

DMan said...

Darn right we have a right to be seeing better. Five years of continually worsening performance has me re-evaluating my tickets. Last night was the first time I've ever left a non-extra inning game early (sometimes you bring the wife and she insists she has to get home so she can wake up for work). Another Acta-esque comedy of errors in this lost season. Alas, without the Nyjer trade, I am more convinced that ever this team had a legitimate shot at eclipsing the '62 Mets.

Wil Nieves said...

I guess the reason no one heard about hudson at the time is because the physical never happened...