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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two to go

and I'm getting nervous. Right now, I'd bet my ranch that Adam Dunn doesn't get to 40 home runs this season.
Has he had a hit since his last home run?
Five games left. I don't even care about wins and losses now and the Braves series might not end up meaning as much to the Braves before it starts. The Harper Cup is secure.
So there's two things I'd like to see: Lannan get his 10th victory and Dunn get his 39th and 40th home runs.
We'll know soon enough on Lannan. I'd like to be at the final home game but have some actual work to do (I hate when that gets in the way). So my final tally is 33 games witnessed, 10 victories and 23 losses.
I'll have to go back and look to see how many of Dunn's home runs I've seen. Off the top of my head, there was the monster he hit off Joel Piniero the day Shairon Martis threw a complete game (remember that guy, won a few games early and then disappeared?). I saw a ridiculous shot in Baltimore and then No. 300 off Tommy Hanson.
I'm sure there were more in there. Those jump out.
Two more.
TWO. Probably 20 at bats.
Can it be done?


NatsSister said...

Yes, I'm, FOR SURE, nervous; after the 4th, having reached 300, he hasn't been the same slugger. Conversely, he HAS show his defensive skills upon gettin' "catapulted", haha, to 1B. Also, w/out his (successful) AB's since July 4th, Zimm--although, for a YOUNG and AMAZINGLY talented player--MAY not have shown his potential as much as he had, THUS FAR (c'mon guys, there's still ATL!!). So, the big guy hasn't been feelin' it "in the air tonight"---so what!? He's a leader and, for reasons which confuse many sports fans, he loves the team! With milestones accomplished this yr. besides the aforementioned 300+ career HRs, you can't ignore his RBIs nor reaching his hit stats. (and, yeah, for someone who has struck out..blah blah..a lot this yr.). Adam GITS IT DUNN (HAD to go there, lol)!!! It's frustrating and nerve-wracking for his new Nats fans, as well as fans who've followed him since his days w/the Reds organization (minors--MLB), and subsequently D'Backs. Don't count the man out!! If for some reason, Adam fails to log in the big 4-0, I think it's SO important to acknowledge his contributions (big or small) this year! Afterall, S.T. will be approaching before we all know it and the Nats, MLB's "little engine that could"--sometimes, will, in my honest opinion, show great improvement!!!!

An Briosca Mor said...

Dunn has one hit and six walks since that last HR. He's definitely due. But is he due twice? That's the question.