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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Starting in CF today - Josh Bard?

I mean, why not? Let's see who can do what? Maybe what's his name the new guy can catch one and, since Bard has been hot lately, his bat has to be in the lineup, right? So let's put him in CF and see if that's a place he can help in the future.

Or not. Maybe it is a better idea to let catcher's catch, pitcher's pitch, infielder's play infield and all that.

I'm on the record here as being a big fan of young Mr. Desmond. I'll be able to tell my grandchildren I was there when he hit his first one out (and sailed his first throw in true Nats fashion).

But right field? Because you want Pete Orr in the lineup? C'mon. So put Pete Orr in the lineup and play the right fielder in right field. Or put Desmond at short - it is his position after all - and Orr at second and the right fielder in right field.

Here's a thought if you want to experiment: Guzman at 2B. If you're seriously thinking about trying that next season, why not try it for a game or two? I can't think there's any serious thought of moving Desmond to the outfield. Playing him out there makes less than zero sense.

But I'm being negative and I'm going to get with the program. Here's my suggestion on today's lineup:

Bard, 8 - hey, the CF always leads off. Morgan, Harris, Bard
Guzman, 4 - Yes, second base
Zimmerman, 9 - let's give HIM a shot out there and see what he can do
Dunn, 5 - well, you need his bat in the lineup and it's time to see if Desmond can play first
Willingham, 2 - wasn't there some talk of him doing this like in high school?
Desmond, 3 - He did it once in Little League
Dukes, 6 - he has a great arm
Orr, 7 - need that bat in the lineup
Burke, 1 - and you think they got him to be a catcher. Ha!

You know, it's not like they've been gold gloving it out there all year. Neither team is in the playoff hunt. So give it a whirl. It just may work.


An Briosca Mor said...

Perhaps Desmond can manage. Hey, he's got to be better than Riggleman. Desmond for player-manager, starting today!

MikeHarris said...

I vote yes!
Can he pitch?

Steven said...

Bravo. Well played, sir.

bdrube said...

With that inexplicable move, I am now completely off the Riggleman bandwagon. Desmond and Maxwell should start every game at SS and CF until the end of the season. Anything else is an utter waste of this playing out this string time.

Gus said...

What's really messed up is that I thought we were playing to win. Don't we have to put the best possible team on the field?

Anonymous said...

that should seal the deal for IJ. That was a criminal decision and one for which he should be justly rewarded.

Sasskuash said...

NationalsFanboyLooser for Nats Manager 2010!

Sam said...