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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another quick question

Driving by again with another question - in all the discussion I've seen on the makeup of the season-opening 25-man, I haven't seen any that includes Cristian Guzman and Scott Olsen starting the year on the disabled list.

Is that not an option?

Olsen is still working his way back into shape from his surgery, Guzman is still having trouble making some throws. So why not the DL? See what shakes in another few weeks?

Or do you just release both of them? Olsen has an option, so I suppose Syracuse is possible? It's clear he's not one of the five best starting options at this point.

I also wonder how closely baseball monitors DL activity. Do they require proof someone is hurt, to keep teams from using it as a stashing place?

Some older Redskins fans will probably remember the team's rep for using the IR as a way to hide players for a year. The NFL apparently can require anyone on IR to show up for a doctor's appointment it makes. One year, I'm told, the league made appointments for every player the Redskins put on IR.

Nine days until they start playing for real. As of now, I don't have tickets for the Red Sox exhibition or the opener - but I do have my TV at the ready.


Dave Nichols said...

i think it's a serious option for both of them.

bdrube said...

I wouldn't stick Guzman on the DL unless he really can't make the throws. They have to eat his salary anyway and the Nats are very thin in the middle infield. Plus there will be NO chance to trade him for say a low minor league prospect while you agree to eat most of his salary if he doesn't play.

As for Olsen, I don't understand why he's getting more of chance than Patterson and Hill did the years they were cut. He wasn't even as good as either of those two were when healthy.

natsfan1a said...

Dunno, but congrats on breaking the 100 response mark again! :-)

Sasskuash said...

I think the DL option is something they can use. Both these players are coming off serious surgery, I don't think the league would have any problem if the Nats say "they aren't completely healed, we need them to build up their strength more." I think it makes a lot of sense for Guzman. If he can't throw from his right, clearly something is still wrong. Though it doesn't sound like that's what they are going to do based on today's news. For Olsen, I'm not sure they want to take the risk with his salary to start him on the DL. His contract is not guaranteed. This is pure, uninformed speculation, but it makes a lot of "business sense" to cut him loose and not pay him to heal.