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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Does Ian Desmond shop at Gap?

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is one where Elaine is dating a guy and isn't sure if he's white or black. The guy, meanwhile, isn't sure if Elaine is white or Hispanic.

Throughout the show, there are a lot of cracks about inter-racial dating, hints dropped, etc., and no one gets an answer.

When it is finally revealed that they're both just plain ol' white people, Elaine utters the classic line: So, do you want to go to The Gap?

Which brings us to the newly named starting shortstop for the Washington Nationals:

Does Ian Desmond shop at Gap?

It matters not a twit, of course. I just can't tell. I was at Nats Park for his debut, saw his picture real big and all on the scoreboard and didn't even give it a thought.

My son saw him on TV a few nights later and said, "Interesting. Not sure I've ever heard of a black guy named Ian." He's not blac *** wait, maybe he is black?? Or maybe he's bi-racial?

He was on a couple of weeks earlier and my wife joined the discussion. None of us could tell for sure. I e-mailed someone I know who is around the team and asked. The answer was bi-racial with a qualifier: "I'm not sure that's correct."

So it remains a mystery and I surely hope no one is offended by my asking. As I noted earlier, it matters not a twit. I'm just the curious type. Is Ian Desmond black, white or both?

Whatever the answer, I'm very glad he'll get that shot at short. I'm eager to see what he can do, no matter where he shops.


Nate said...

More than anything else he's green. I hope Riggleman gives him a long enough leash, but I'm not optimistic.

MikeHarris said...

Very good point. I hope he does so well it is moot. I suspect he'll get a longer leash than Milledge got last year but won't be starting by the time Strasburg arrives if he's not doing well. Four to six weeks?

D'Gourds said...

I hope he'll perform as well as that biracial shortstop in the Bronx!

Cal said...

What about Michael Morse? Is he bi-racial also?

Anonymous said...

Michael Morse is Jamaican and White.

Cerealkilla1974 said...

According to my friend, who was in Sarasota High School with him, she said he is half black half white.