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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good luck indeed, Chief

Stealing the topic from my buddies at Nationals Enquirer, who had this post today on Chad Cordero. Was he fun to watch in 2005 or what?

I hope he comes back and saves 80 games.

I'm also going to throw in a question: Was this the same surgery Jesus Flores had? I know it is different for pitchers and catchers but catchers have to do a lot of hard, precision throwing.

Is missing all of 2010 a possibility for Flores?


natsfan1a said...

Chad is one of my fave original Nats. Good luck, Chief!

Section3MySofa said...

A possibility? Always. Right now, they really don't seem to know what the timetable will look like, since, by all accounts, he's healing slower than expected, which means they may not have fixed it as fixed as they thought they did.

I will always miss hearing "Hail to the Chief" going into the Nats' half of the 9th with a lead. Always, forever.

Nervous Nats Fan said...

uh oh. from nats insider: "Ron Villone couldn't find the strike zone, issuing three walks and a hit in one-third of an inning."