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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Right Call

The highly scientific Nationals Fanboy Looser poll has spoken - the Nats are making the right call in letting John Lannan start the regular-season opener.

Sixty voters say Lannan should get the ball against the Phillies and ol' what's his name. Another 28 thought Jason Marquis should have that honor. Yes, 60+28 does NOT equal 100. Seems like my flirtation with triple digits was a one-time thing, thoughh I remain hopeful my faithful readership will get me there again.

I agree on the Lannan call. It's not like the Nats brought in CC Sabathia or Roy Halladay here. Marquis was a solid offseason addition but let's not get carried away. It's fine to allow Lannan to absorb what will probably be an 8-2 defeat. Two runs? Well, Halladay isn't going nine right out of the gate.

The new poll is up, vote early and tell your friends. Speaking of early, yes, I realize it is too early in the spring to make such a decision. But that's what spring is about for us fans. We can come up with all the answers whenever we want.


Dave Nichols said...

how many times can I vote in the new poll? i can't wait for this season to be over and Guzman's contract to expire. all those hoping he hits in the first half and therefore making himself a valuable trade chip are kidding themselves. if Guzman ever had any value he'd already be a former Nat.

in my opinion, of course.

MikeHarris said...

Just once - for now. Good points all around. I mean, I'm not going to hate on the guy and he's far from the team's worst problem. But he's not part of the future. Desmond may be. Let's find out.

DoubleH said...

The future is now. Let don't let the last year of a disappointing contract stop you from doing the right thing.

Hendo said...

The Nats shouldn't eat Guzman's contract. Even if Desmond turns out to be miles above Guzman, the system is still thin enough in the middle infield that his departure would needlessly leave them scrambling.

Absent that proviso: yes, by all means, Desmond should be the Opening Day shortstop.