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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've Seen Enough, Part 2

Actually, I didn't see anything today. Or hear anything. Where were the electronics people on that one? It's not like he's a name or something.

Relying on tweets, the updating box score on and other various and sundry sources, I am able to conclude that Stephen Strasburg had another good start today.

The question: What will it take to get them off "the plan (Jee-sus version)" and have him open the season in Washington? Is there any way? If the team plans to carry the best 25, as we've heard the past couple of days, can he really not be on the Opening Day roster?

Just curious, that's all.


Presidents Race Fan said...

I'm in no rush. I'll take a June start and another year of team control.

bdrube said...

It is beginning to look sadly likely that if this team goes north without Strasburg, Storen and Desmond that they could be about 15-45 going into June. Not that those three will make them competetive, but they might be enough to keep them from continuing to be a league laughingstock.

What a predicament.

Sec3MySofa said...

The other thing about that is, these three are all rookies, and you can't assume success right out of the box for any rookie in MLB. So they could bring the two best pitchers and the best shortstop on the team north with them, and it might well not help.
Now that's painful.