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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WOW - or not

Mark Zuckerman continues to work his ass off in Florida - first I saw with this news about Dukes.
Something big must be about to break. No way this is just a baseball decision.

So much for any work today. Must keep up with this story.

EDIT: As updates continue to roll in, I must say the "baseball decision" stuff just doesn't fly. Is Dukes out of options? No dump-off trade available? Call me a cynic or an a-hole or worse but with Dukes' history, it's hard to believe it was strictly baseball.

Anxious to learn more about this one.


Sec314 said...

I agree. I'm fine with giving someone else the starting job in RF and even with sending him back to Syracuse. He had big holes in his swing, he made dumb baserunning errors. But an unconditional release?

Perhaps last week's stories about possibly batting him 8th were a warning shot....?

bdrube said...

I'm inclined to give the team the benefit of the doubt on this one. If Dukes has obviously not progressed from what he was last season and shows no willingness to do the work he needs to do to move beyond being a marginal major league corner outfielder, it was the right move.

natsfan1a said...

I was surprised by the news and felt bad for Dukes, particularly in light of his father's recent death.

I agree that Zuckerman is doing a bang-up job of covering the story, making frequent updates to his initial web post. I'm just old school enough to appreciate his site-based coverage for the context and expanded storyline that it affords in contrast to Twitter, which I don't do. (dadgum kids, these days, with their new-fangled technologies...;-))

Craig said...

Dukes was my favorite player to watch. He was the best pure athlete on the team.