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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My favorite poll

As soon as I finish typing this post, I'm going to put up a new poll - my favorite one every year. We have such a strong history with this, having done it all of once before.

What will be the Nationals' win range this season?

Last year, I was optimistic. I thought the Nats could make a run at a .500 mark and at least hit the 70-win mark. Instead we got 59.

Not sure how I will vote this year. I'm not my usual optimistic, sunny self. I'm eager to see what a portion of the fan base - at least the portion that reads this blog - thinks.

Will suspect pitching and shaky defense undermine a decent offense? Is the offense really decent? Will the pitching be better than I think? Will the return of Strasburg/Detwiler/Wang and eventually Zimmermann (in 2011, please) save the day? Is the bullpen really upgraded?

So many questions.

I guess I'll be happy with just about anything that is an upgrade from a 100-loss season.

As for my previous poll, the 62 who votes - weak sauce! - tilt on the side of being concerned about the bad spring start. Of course, the start improved slightly since that was posted but only slightly. We have 39 concerned voters, 23 unconcerned voters. Count me among the concerned, primarily because of the showing of the bullpen. We banked on the old Matt Capps, let's hope he shows up. Which Jason Bergmann will we get, the one who looked OK late last season or the one with the huge pet gopher?

Is it Monday yet? Vote, tell your friends. I can't have this 62 nonsense anymore. Not good for my oh-so-fragile psyche.


Dave Nichols said...

Mike, I had em at 68 BEFORE Dukes got the axe. i just think we're in for another bad start before the cavalry comes, much like last year.

and for the record, I've been skeptical of the free agent signings all along, esp in the bullpen.

of course, I'm a pessimist (or realist, if you prefer).

MikeHarris said...

When I posted the link to my Facebook page, one of the words was "bulimia." Hope that doesn't mean this team is going to make me hurl.

I really want to say 75 but I'm not sure I can.

Sec3mySofa said...

Man. This has "sixty-something" written all over it.

They are one ACL away from "Doomed! We're doomed, I tell you!"