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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sir Strasburg on CBS

Good thing I don't care about these first few preseason games, or this 50-runs-given-up-already thing would really be bothering me. Even without those 50 runs, I'm sure I would have tuned into the CBS news to see the feature on Sir Strasburg. Just because.

It left me underwhelmed.

Boswell and some fan but no Riggleman? No Rizzo? No other players talking about him and how he's handling things? Nothing from the future Hall of Fame catcher comparing him to other studs he's caught?

Nothing from him away from the field, the usual "he's just a normal guy" stuff you see in these types of features?

Here's my real concern about these 50 runs - the state of things is going to make us so desperate for hope that we'll all go running for the nearest bridge if this kid isn't perfect right away.

Anyway, I'm going back to my Saturday overdose of basketball. We're running out of time on the latest poll. Go vote.

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