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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Roster

With first cuts being made (nice knowing you, Eddie), projected 25-man rosters are starting to show up around the 'Net even though the team still has twice as many players as it will eventually carry.

There isn't a lot of room for disagreement as most of the decisions seem really obvious.

The starting eight is pretty much set, the only question being does Ian Desmond force their hand at shortstop? My guess is yes but they won't do anything about that. Guzman starts. The rotation will shake out soon enough and I've noted before I don't really care who starts behind the top two (or three if Olsen is healthy). Same with the bullpen. Beyond the obvious there, does it really matter?

Makeup of the bench remains the key in my mind and I have a couple of questions.

Nieves, Harris and Morse seem obvious, though I suspect Morse isn't feeling safe yet. The two battles come down to one in the IF and one in the OF.

Bruntlett or Gonzalez in the IF? That one's obvious to me. I've seen enough of Gonzalez to be willing to keep Bruntlett around.

Maxwell or Bernadina in the OF? To me, that one is obvious as well - and this is where I need the most help. What possible reason would there be to keep Bernadina over Maxwell, who can run, has power, etc.? Because Maxwell has an option? Please. If someone claims Bernadina, is it the end of the world? I just don't see the two being close, so I'd like someone to explain. Clearly I am missing something.

More questions: Does Chris Duncan make the team, sending Maxwell and Bernadina out? If Desmond isn't the everyday shortstop, does he stay in a utility role? If so, as the extra OF or IF? Because, as we all know, he's said to be comfortable in the OF, too.

A trade, of course, changes everything. I still think something will happen before Opening Day. But until it does, we can only base our discussions on who is around now.


Dave Nichols said...

i just don't see Desmond as a utility guy. they are going to carry guys on the bench that will fill multiple spots. i agree with you on Nieves, Harris, Bruntlett and Morse. i think the last battle is between Maxwell and Duncan, with the option to send Mzxwell down the deciding factor.

i don't get the Bernie love either. he can't hit, and despite all the speed is only an average fielder metric-ly. i know you LOVE the metrics.

MikeHarris said...

Yeah, I LOVE the metrics!
Sounds like Maxwell helped himself today, particularly on defense. He and Desmond seem to be two of the early standouts of a winless spring.
Not that the whole winning things matters now.
Wonder how many guessed rotations got messed up by Chico's implosion today?

JayB said...

Maxwell will not hit over .220 and his OBP will not be over .290 at best. Roger B is a much better CFer and has a better arm in all fields. Roger is faster, LHed and fits the role of a 5th OF better than Max.