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Saturday, June 12, 2010

All-Star Ramblings

If all these reports are true, and I have no doubt they are, D.C. gets the All-Star game in 2015. Sweet. I have to take care of myself and stay alive that long so I can see Stephen Strasburg start on the mound, Bryce Harper start in RF, Ryan Zimmerman start at 3B and Ian Desmond start at short. Drew Storen will come in and earn the save. The Nats will have 15 of the 34 players on the roster!

I also have to get back on the season-ticket bandwagon before then, otherwise I suspect I'll have no shot at tickets.

But that's a long way away. A lot can happen between now and then. So here's today's question: Who goes this year? The All-Star game is a month from tomorrow (the day my son turns 27), so it isn't too early.

I'd like to see one of the relievers go and, at this point, I'd take Tyler Clippard over Matt Capps. He had that awful burp a while back but he was lights out before and he's been even better since. But maybe Capps is back on track - suppose he has 30 saves by the first week of July? They're not both going.

If Livo had better run support, he'd have eight wins by now. Suppose he gets 3-4 more between now and early July? Does he deserve a look?

As for field players, my first thought was Josh Willingham. My Son The Braves Fan Who Is Rapidly Becoming A Convert told me to back off. "I love The Hammer," he said (oh yes he did), "but The Man is still The Man. Willingham is having a better year than maybe you thought he'd have. Zimmerman is having the year you thought he'd have and is a better choice."

Kid's got a point.

He also said Pudge deserves some consideration. I'm not so sure I'd go that far. He's been a positive addition, for sure, but an All-Star? I don't see that.

Does Adam Dunn deserve consideration with his hitting of late? If he keeps that up for a month and is at 20 home runs with a high-for-him batting average?

I see the Nats as more than a one all-star team this season. I don't see them as more than two. I think one pitcher and one position player will go.

Which ones?


Sec314 said...

I keep voting.
Zimmerman, Willingham & Rodriguez deserve to go.

Livo, Clippard, Storen deserve to go too. But I'll bet they pick Capps for his saves, despite the fact that the rest of his stats are mediocre.

And if Stras has 5 wins by them, he'll get the nod too. This IS a made for TV event.

Dave Nichols said...

Zim and Capps. no one else has the creds (with all due respect to Pudge).

and maybe Stras if he's 6-0 at that point. Dontrelle Willis made the ASG his rookie year after starting in May. he was 8-1.