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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just A Quick Question

Mark Zuckerman at NatsInsider has a good post up now that addresses some of the lineup questions - well, one big one: Where's Morse?

I posted a comment there and then decided to share it here. I'm one of those goobers in the Willingham-Bernadina-Morse camp. We're almost halfway through and, yes, Nyjer Morgan is performing a little better than he was recently. He's still making too many head-up-fanny plays, particularly on the bases.

But let's play the part of dutiful fans and accept the judgment of the general manager and manager. Morgan stays in center.

Can we please pretty please extra pretty please not play fun with lineup cards this weekend in Baltimore, the last chance to use the DH this year? Can we please pretty please see Mike, uh, Michael Morse three games in a row? Maybe two at DH and one at first? Just for yuks?

That home run he hit last night about landed in Baltimore. There's a message there. You have an extra slot so your "this is our best outfield" stuff doesn't work up there. Play Morse.


Anonymous said...

Unlike you, Jim Riggleman knows what a DH is for. You and a bunch of other rubes think it's an opportunity to get another big bat in the lineup, to maximize your offense. But that's completely wrong, as Jim Riggleman will tell you. The DH is for getting some guys who normally wouldn't be playing some ABs. Keep those guys who are under the Mendoza line fresh, and give your guys who are great hitters but only average fielders a day off, even though the whole team just had a day off the day before yesterday. You want to think of those guys as 400 AB guys, not every day players, y'know.

That's why Jim Riggleman is a bona fide major league manager, and you're not.

MikeHarris said...

I am properly chastised, thanks.

Hard to type that with a straight face. Great comment, Mr. Anonymous One.

Anonymous said...

Don't that clown get to you Mike. He obviously likes to see himself "in print" and gets off on scolding others. Is that you CatsEye? ;)

I like your idea (lots of people's) about about having The Hammer - Bernadina - Morse in our O.F. I do believe the NygerTrain has left the station. Next stop, Benchville.

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