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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bloggers in the House!

The Nationals made good on their promise and let us in the house. Terrific job by the Chad Kurz and the Nats staff. They made sure we were entertained all day, including providing some time with Drew Storen, Josh Willingham and Jim Riggleman.

Now we're in a smaller room off to the side of the main press box, with a real high view of Ryan Sax the 3B and the Nationals being shut out by the Reds.

My biggest discovery? You really CAN see the Capitol from Nats Park. You just have to be really, really, really high to do it. And it is partially obscured by a bank of lights. But it IS the Capitol and you CAN see it.

You can also see, over higher buildings and some construction and construction equipment, a cool looking dome of a building to our right of the Capitol. No idea what that building is, I need to ask.

Anyway, I worry about my streak. It may be over here. The Reds' version of Strasburg, this Leake kid, is giving up some hits but isn't giving up runs. He also scored one. Can't get him out. (They just got him out, he's now 10-24 on the season). The Nats, meanwhile, are giving away runs. Well, one so far.

Looks like a nice crowd out here again, and they can't blame this one on the hype and bad guesswork about Jee-SUS' debut.

Speaking of which, is it Tuesday yet?


Sec314 said...

The other dome is the Library of Congress.

I have a GREAT view of the Capitol in Section 314. Its visible from about 310-316

MikeHarris said...

Thanks. You win the prize. Some up here thought it might be the main post office.

I was in 309 last year and never really noticed. I also admit I never really looked.